About Us


Maitland is at a crossroads. On the one hand, it has seen a high degree of investment, while on the other, it suffers many service-related problems which are not only seriously threatening the success of the area, but has the potential to impact negatively on business and investments.

Given the demands on local government, the most effective approach to solving problems is through the tried and provenintervention of the private sector through the establishment of a City Improvement District (CID) in the Maitland area.


Vision for the area
To ensure that the MAITCID area becomes a cleaner, safer and better managed corridor for both
Business and Residential property owners.

Mission for the CID
To provide additional services to the existing public services, such as public safety measures, cleansing services, maintenance of infrastructure, upgrading of the environment, and social services in order to reinforce our quest for a well serviced business and residential area.

1. To capitalise on urban renewal and rejuvenation, to ensure that Maitland becomes an integral part of a seamlessly safe, clean and attractive destination in its own right.
2. To make the Maitland area safe, clean, attractive and user-friendly by providing a range of enhanced management services.
3. To improve the economic well-being of the Maitland area and all its stakeholders.
4. To facilitate public and private investment in the Maitland area.
5. To market the assets of the Maitland area.
6. To develop a close and mutually beneficial working relationship with the Local Authority.