It’s all in the bag

From copper cables, scrap metal, electronic equipment, drugs to even melted aluminium found after the recent veld fires in Tokai were amongst things confiscated from suspected people in the Maitland CID area over the past three months. Here are some of the scrap metal found in bags being searched by the Maitland CID’s team of public safety officers


Illegal posters another ongoing challenge

Removing illegal posters is another challenge that the team from the Maitland CID has to deal with on a daily basis. Here are some health campaigners in front of Pick and Pay distributing illegal pamphlets which were stopped by the CID’s public safety officers.

Social challenges

The Maitland CID’s team of public safety officers faces ongoing challenges with vagrants and homeless people that need to be redirected to shelters for safety.

During the past three months the team had to deal with a number of incidents of substance abuse amongst children and adults. Amongst these were a case of a 15-year old boy who was found in a park under the influence of Tik and almost completely unconscious. School children are regularly found under the M5 bridge smoking dagga. In one such case, they gave false names and when taken to school, nobody knew who they were.

The team from the CID depends a lot on the help of their social partners to help curb these social problems. Unfortunately there are a lot of drug dealers that target the youth in this area.

Deep cleaning done

Some deep cleaning operations were undertaken in the area of Amstel Street and Kensington Street on the boundary of the Maitland CID. Similar work was done under the M5 Bridge at Voortrekker Road and along-side Prestige Bridge where lots of weeds was removed

Please join us for our 2014 AGM

agm invite



cropped-Header.pngThe MAITLAND CITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NPC will be hosting its Annual General Meeting and all stakeholders are invited to a review of the year’s activities.


Date:                              24 November 2014

Time:                              16:00

Venue:                           Maitland City Improvement District Office, Cnr Sydow & Camp Roads, Maitland

Resolutions presented at the AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the Maitland City Improvement District. This membership is available free of charge to all owners of commercial or property within the SRA footprint, but they must be registered before 21 November 2014


Please RSVP by 21 November for seating and catering arrangements

Click here to download all relevant AGM 2014 documents

For further information on how to register e-mail or call 021 510 8059

Security Advisory: Safety Precautions on N2 Freeway

AlertDear property and business owners.  Please take note of the attached security advisory regarding safety precautions on the N2 Freeway, especially near the Cape Town International Airport.  To read the full document please click here.

General Valuation 2012 – All property owners please take note

city_logo_top_22012 General Valuation Roll (GV2012)

The City of Cape Town’s 2012 General Valuation Roll (GV2012) was certified by the City Manager on 31 January 2013.In terms of legislation, a valuation roll remains valid for the financial year in which it is produced, and then for one or more subsequent financial years as the municipality may decide but, in total, not for more than four financial years.
It is best to conduct regular valuations, as long periods between valuations result in significant shifts in values. Due to the fact that there have been shifts in the property market since the GV2009 valuation roll, the City decided to have its next General Valuation Roll – GV2012 – after only three years.The date of valuation of the GV2012 is 1 July 2012. All the properties have been valued as at the same date of valuation in order to ensure fairness. The City’s valuations are based on actual property transactions (sales) that have taken place in the open market around the date of valuation. The Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act, no 6 of 2004, states that all properties on the valuation roll must be valued at market value. Market value is defined as “the amount the property would have realised if sold on the date of valuation in the open market by a willing buyer to a willing seller”.

Our social upliftment programme starts

DSCN0707It is a great achievement for the Maitland CID.  Following extensive planning and consultation the Maitland CID has partnered with various NGO’s to assist the management of the CID in taking homeless people off the streets of Maitland.  But simply putting people in a shelter without any means to sustain their stay at the shelter does not support a long term plan.

In turn Geocentric, the management company for the Maitland CID, employed a project manager and devised a social works programme.  The programme is designed to provide gainful employment to previously homeless people now living at the various shelters in the area, thereby assisting them to remain off the streets and living in dignifying circumstances.

works teamEach work team consist of three workers.  With the consent of the City of Cape Town the team will perform urban maintenance tasks in the Maitland CID area including additional cleaning, the fixing of kerb stones, sidewalks, paving and road signs.


Please join our Recycling Project

Many oIMG_0003 (2)f our businesses in the Maitland City Improvement District (Maitcid) area generate recyclable waste on a daily basis.  It has become common practice for some of our businesses in the Maitland CID area to simply dump cardboard and other waste on the sidewalks in front of their businesses with the expectation that vagrants will collect the material.  We urge all our businesses to please stop this practice and joint our recycling project in the Maitland CID.

In line with the goals of the Maitcid we approached the City of Cape Town to assist us in identifying a suitable recycling company to partner with the Maitcid to initiate a recycling project.  Walker’s Recycling, a registered recycling service provider with the City of Cape Town has been selected to work with the property and business owners and the Maitcid to initiate and sustain this recycling initiative.  Their core recycling services focuses on glass, cans, card board, paper and hard plastics.

Please support our efforts to formalize recycling in the area and keep Maitland clean.  Please find the contact details for Walker’s Recycling below:

•    Edward W. Walker Jr
•    083 508 1177