Law Enforcement Joins the Maitland CID

Through the very kind assistance of the local ward councillor, Councillor Derrick America, the Maitland CID now has the assistance of two Law Enforcement Officers every day.  The officers assist the Maitland CID in addressing By-law and non-moving violations in the area, thereby maintaining a high standard of public safety in the Maitland CID area.

Night-time operations brings results

The Maitland CID planned and executed a number of night-time operations with the Maitland SAPS during the festive season and into January 2013.  Following some of these operations a number of persons were charged for traffic related offences sending a strong message to transgressors that the Maitland area is well policed.  In two instances measurable quantities of drugs were also found.


Bag with “tik lollies” found








Dagga found


Have you seen our mobile command post?

SincDSCN0311e December 2012 the Maitland CID deployed the mobile command post every day.  The mobile command post was donated by the Department of Community Safety.  The command post is used as a reporting point for our public safety patrollers and as a contact point for the public.   Since its deployment the SAPS and other Law Enforcement agencies have used the command post as a mobile office during operations.  It is also used to distribute public information pamphlets on safety issues.

Please feel free to visit our mobile command post should you need any assistance.  A patrol officer is always in or near the command post and can assist you.


Spot our new look

Maitland 182We are very proud of our new look!  Our MaitCID patrol officers now have a brand new and fresh look with high visibility reflective jackets.  Geocentric, the appointed management company for the Maitland CID partnered with the Safety Lab and the Centre for Criminology at UCT to develop a training course for public safety patrol officers.  This course was attended by the MaitCID patrol officers over a 6 week period. Following the extensive retraining programme our patrol officers were issued with their new high visibility clothing.  The new look enhances public visibility and also promotes the public awareness of the patrollers.


New Cleaning Company Appointed

Essential Cleaning joins the Maitland CID from 1 January 2013.  Essential will provide additional public cleaning in the Maitland CID.  You will recognise our cleaning team with their brigh new reflective jackets.  Essential Cleaning provides three staff members to the Maitland CID.  They will follow a 5-day schedule that covers the entire Maitland CID.  After every 5-day cycle a project day will follow.  Project days will be used to deal with specific cleaning projects such as verge cutting or the cleaning of a specific open public space.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the MAITCID Offices on 021 510 8059

Please join us for our AGM

Joining hands to stop crime

Lt Col Hermanus and Capt Solomons (Maitland SAPS) joints hands with Gene Lohrentz (COO of the Maitland City Improvement District) in the fight against crime

The Maitland City Improvement District (Maitcid) has joined hands with the Maitland SAPS in fighting crime in the Maitland Area.  This new partnership was clearly demonstrated during a joint operation of Maitcid and the SAPS with a two-hour road block i=on the corners of Voortrekker and Station -Roads recently.

Many of the transgressions related to taxi operators driving without licenses or with unlicensed vehicles. “Some offenders simply stop in prohibited areas or load and unload passengers without any respect for the traffic rules or other road users” says Gene Lohrentz, Chief Operations Officer for the Maitland CID.

The Maitcid has a very good working relationship with the Maitland SAPS and various joint public safety operations are planned for the months to come, especially during the festive season fast approaching.


Maitland City Improvementy District AGM

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Maitland City Improvement District Company NPC will be hosting its Annual General Meeting and all stakeholders are invited to a review of the year’s activities, planning for 2013/14 and adoption of the MOI as required by the Companies ACT 71 of 2008.
Date: 6 December 2012
Time: 16:00
Venue: Maitland City Improvement District Office, Cnr Sydow & Camp Roads, Maitland

Resolutions presented at the AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the Maitland City Improvement District Company NPC. This membership is available free of charge to all owners of property within the SRA footprint, but, they must be registered before 5 December 2012.
For further information on how to register, go to the Documents tab and download the registration form.

Alternatively please send an e-mail to or call 021 510 8059

Maitland CID

The Management of the Maitland CID changed on 17 September 2012.  Geocentric Information Systems was appointed as the Management Company to manage the Maitland CID.  Geocentric has a long track record of involvement with the establishment of City Improevement Districts and also providse management services to City Improvement Districts.  Contact Gene Lohrentz of Geocentric on 083 255 7657 for more information or send and email to