Challenges abide in Maitlaid CID area

Towards the end of January an increase in crime in the Maitlaid CID area were experienced. One of the big challenges is the Metro Rail security situation which saw more attempted break-ins form the area.

“The constant battle with stolen trolleys and wheelie bins continue every day and we hope that our zero-tolerance approach has a positive impact,” says Gene Lorentz, CEO of management company Geocentric. It is not uncommon to find all kinds of stolen property in these trolleys which ranges from car batteries, counterfeit goods, car parts to vehicle spares, copper wire and cables and metal.

Several arrests were made during this period including the confiscation of 90 City of Cape Town blue bags – a case that was handed over to the SAPS.

The operations of the Geocentric Urban Cleaning Team are progressing well. Litter picking and dealing with illegal dumping is a continuous challenge within the CID boundaries, but we can already see the benefits of our revised cleaning plan in which we attend to more aspects than merely litter picking, removing of graffiti and posters and general cleansing.

The infographic below gives a general overview of the first three months of 2015.